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Curriculum Interest Areas

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Law School has compiled the following lists of courses currently or recently offered and faculty teaching in this area to guide our students interested in Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. These are not exhaustive lists, but a rather a starting point for students interested in this area of study. This list does not set out the courses in the order in which they should be taken; please consult with the faculty members and associate and assistant deans for guidance.


408 Public Interest Litig Ethics
415 Trial Advocacy/Family
428 Evidence Practicum
429 Federal Prosecution & Defense
430 Fund of Appellate Practice
438 Secrecy and Transparency
444 Patent Litigation
495 Negot Entrepreneurial Issues
544 Narrative Skills and the Law
608 Advanced Legal Research
609 Employment Law
612 Alt Dispute Resolution
617 Anatomy of a Commercial Trial
620 Disability Rights
622 Editing and Advocacy
629 The Startup General Counsel
638 Electronic&Class Action Discov
641 Crim Just: Invest&Police Prac
643 Crim Pro:Bail to Post Con Rev
654 Editing and Advocacy
662 Editing & Advocacy: Transac
669 Evidence
677 Federal Courts
693 Jurisdiction and Choice Of Law
694 International Litigation
702 Insurance Law and Policy
703 Legal Issues/Autonomous Veh
711 Law of the Internet
712 Negotiation
716 Complex Litigation
720 Stockholder Litigation
730 Appellate Advoc:Skills & Pract
733 Editing & Advocacy: Litigation
734 Innovation / Complex Problems
738 Remedies
753 Trial Advocacy/Civil
766 Int'l Commercial Arbitration
773 Peacemaking in State Just Sys
777 Law and Development
778 Law and Development Research
788 Habeas Corpus
807 Civil Rights Litigation
821 Unjustified Enrichment
829 Cur Issues in Public Law Litig
846 Impact Litigation
854 Anti-corruption Law & Practice
875 Sel Topics in 4th Amend Law
901 Civil Rights Litig Initiative
910 Child Advocacy Clinic
911 Child Advocacy Clinic Seminar
912 Unemployment Ins Clnc: Policy
920 Civil-Criminal Litigation Clnc
921 Civil-Criminal Litig Clnc Sem
927 Crim Appellate Practice
928 Criminal Appel Pract Field
929 Child Welfare Appellate Clinic
930 Envt'l Law & Sustain Clinic
931 Envt'l Law & Sustain Clnc Sem
933 Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
951 Human Trafficking Clinic
952 Juvenile Justice Clinic
953 Juvenile Justice Clinic Sem
954 Human Trafficking Clinic Sem
958 Pediatric Advoc Clinic
959 Pediatric Advoc Clinic Sem
972 Federal Appel Litig Clnc I
973 Federal Appel Litig Clnc II
974 Workers' Rights Clinic I
975 Workers' Rights Clnc Research
975 Unemployment Insurance Clnc II
976 Michigan Innocence Clinic
977 Michigan Innocence Clinic Sem
978 Veterans Legal Clinic
979 Veterans Legal Clinic Seminar
980 Advanced Clinical Law
981 Unemployment Ins Clinic: Litig
984 Workers' Rts Clinic:Supv&Litig
985 Workers' Rts Clnc:Supv&Lit Sem

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