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Curriculum Interest Areas

Writing and Drafting

The Law School has compiled the following lists of courses currently or recently offered and faculty teaching in this area to guide our students interested in Writing and Drafting. These are not exhaustive lists, but a rather a starting point for students interested in this area of study. This list does not set out the courses in the order in which they should be taken; please consult with the faculty members and associate and assistant deans for guidance.

In addition to the courses listed below, the University's Sweetland Center offers a graduate-level writing course: SWC 630: Advanced Writing for Graduate Students. Upper-class law students may take this class for academic credit. For more information about SWC 630, click here. To officially get permission to take this and other non-law classes, see the on-line Registration Instructions.

The Sweetland Center also offers free writing workshops. For more information, click here.

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