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A Conversation with Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.-Friday, Sept. 11, 2009, Ann Arbor, Mi

For simplicity of viewing, we have marked the times and summarized the questions.

00:00 - Dean Caminker welcomes the audience and introduces Chief Justice Roberts

08:44 - Chief Justice Roberts' opening remarks

13:28 - Was there a "big surprise" when you began your job as Chief Justice?

17:04 - What experiences or habits of mind would make for a good Supreme Court Justice?

20:30 - Is there a role for empathy in appellate decision making, particularly on the Supreme Court?

25:10 - Have there been any "oh my gosh" moments when you realized you had a really big case on your hands? How did that affect your decision-making?

30:59 - How can a Chief Justice encourage more of a consensus on the Court?

33:58 - Would we be better off with a court that agrees about how to look at a case, or are we better off with a court whose justices use a diverse array of interpretive methods and techniques?

37:00 - Is this a good time to be Chief Justice? If you could pick any era in which to be Chief Justice, what era would you choose and why?

41:25 - How much has your documented lack of basketball skill damaged your credibility with your fellow Justices?