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Curriculum Interest Areas

Corporate Law and Practice

The Law School has compiled the following lists of courses currently or recently offered and faculty teaching in this area to guide our students interested in Corporate Law and Practice. These are not exhaustive lists, but a rather a starting point for students interested in this area of study. This list does not set out the courses in the order in which they should be taken; please consult with the faculty members and associate and assistant deans for guidance.


411 Unicorns/ Negot Ven Cap Invest
424 Tax Policy Seminar
434 Changing Paradigms/ Corp L&Reg
448 Business Planning
473 Startups: Law & Business
476 Corporations and Human Rights
502 Int'l Corp Governance
504 Antitrust and IP
515 Sales and Secured Financing
527 Corporate Criminality
547 Operations for Lawyers
548 Business Economics for Lawyers
549 Management & Orgs for Lawyers
567 Investment Banking
602 Int'l Investment Law
611 Corporate Compliance:Pol&Pract
619 Int'l Cartel Enforcement
621 Law&Pol'y Trade Invest LatinAm
629 The Startup General Counsel
635 Corporate Finance
637 Bankruptcy
644 Intro to Inc Tax of Business
652 Commercial Law: Sec Trans&Mtgs
655 Business Dev for Associates
657 Enterprise Organization
658 Entertainment Law
659 Capital Markets Regulation
675 Federal Antitrust
676 Contracting in Complex Transac
678 International Finance
691 International Tax
695 International Trade Law
704 Blockchain and the Law
705 Mergers and Acquisitions
709 Financial Regulation
710 Employee Benefits & Exec Comp
720 Stockholder Litigation
723 Corporate Lawyer: Law & Ethics
725 Securities Reg Practicum
726 Partnership Tax
729 Innovation Platform
732 Joint Ventures Practicum
743 Securities Regulation
746 Tax of Financial Instruments
747 Taxation of Individual Income
749 Corporate Taxation
750 Corporate Reorganization
751 Accounting for Lawyers
770 Curr Issues in Mergers & Aquis
772 Corporate & White Collar Crime
776 Financ Mkts: Reg, Pol'y &Trans
804 Law and Finance
806 Chinese Corporation
809 Anatomy of a Deal
811 International Project Finance
831 Int'l Commercial Transactions
849 Pro Bono and BigLaw
858 Legal Risk Management
861 Law and Economics Workshop
884 Impact Economy
891 Startup Formatn, Funding&Exits
955 Community Enterprise Clinic
956 Community Enterprise Clnc Sem

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