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Curriculum Interest Areas

Public Law and Regulatory Policy

The Law School has compiled the following lists of courses currently or recently offered and faculty teaching in this area to guide our students interested in Public Law and Regulatory Policy. These are not exhaustive lists, but a rather a starting point for students interested in this area of study. This list does not set out the courses in the order in which they should be taken; please consult with the faculty members and associate and assistant deans for guidance.


403 Housing Law and Policy
405 Envir Admin Law Practicum
409 Gun Control
410 Clean Energy & Climate Chg Law
413 Emerging Issues in Poverty Law
416 State Government Law & Policy
423 Topics in Art Law
436 The Rule of Law
438 Secrecy and Transparency
447 Local Government Practicum
450 Law in Rural America
456 Government Relations Practicum
503 Data Privacy Law
518 Race and the Law
525 Regulating Contagion/ Leg Hist
536 Nat'l Security & Civ Liberties
567 Investment Banking
569 Legislation and Regulation
575 Natural Resources Law
589 Policy Wksh: Mich Court Reform
601 Administrative Law
634 Water Wars/Great Lakes
642 Mass Incarceration
652 Secured Transactions
659 Capital Markets Regulation
663 Legal Tech Literacy&Leadership
663 Legal Technology & Innovation
668 Communications Law
670 Gender Law and Policy
671 Climate Change Law
678 International Finance
679 Environmental Law and Policy
682 Int'l Environment Law & Policy
687 Immigration and Nationality
702 Insurance Law and Policy
703 Legal Issues/Autonomous Veh
704 Blockchain and the Law
707 Mass Media Law
708 Local Government
710 Employee Benefits & Exec Comp
711 Law of the Internet
714 K-12 Education Law
725 Securities Reg Practicum
735 Public Control of Land Use
741 Interdisc Prob Solv
742 Prisons and the Law Colloq
743 Securities Regulation
746 Tax of Financial Instruments
748 Art Law
763 Foreign Affairs
768 21st C. Infrastr/Lawyer's Role
779 Prisons and the Law
781 FDA Law
791 Environmental Crimes
793 Voting Rights / Election Law
798 Adv Problem Solving Initiative
802 Adv Topics in Torts, Ins, Comp
803 Advocacy for Underdogs
805 Environmental Justice
815 Public Law Workshop
829 Cur Issues in Public Law Litig
831 Int'l Commercial Transactions
837 Rebuilding American Democracy
844 Evolution of Energy Law
866 Health Reform &Related Controv
869 Legal Chall for an Aging Popul
888 Global Animal Law
893 Presidential Powers
912 Unemployment Ins Clnc: Policy
930 Envt'l Law & Sustain Clinic
931 Envt'l Law & Sustain Clnc Sem
933 Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
934 Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Sem
951 Human Trafficking Clinic
954 Human Trafficking Clinic Sem
974 Workers' Rights Clinic I
975 Workers' Rights Clnc Research
981 Workers' Rights Clinic: Litig
984 Workers' Rts Clinic:Supv&Litig
985 Workers' Rts Clnc:Supv&Lit Sem

For information related to this area beyond course offerings, please see the Office of Career Planning.

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