1. Law School Community only

This site is for the U-M Law School community only.

2. Information you can and cannot post

This site is for posting classified ads announcing items for sale, for trade or for free, including items such as tickets, available housing or books. You may also post classified ads indicating that you are looking for an item such as housing or a specific book.

Information you cannot post includes:

  • Confidential information.
  • Illegal activity (e.g. sale of drugs).
  • Dating services.

3. Etiquette

  • Be careful how you use sarcasm and irony--they are difficult to convey electronically. Written communication can be more prone to misinterpretation than verbal communication because of the lack of cues and signals.
  • Be as succinct as possible. Be sure that your meaning is clear.

4. Printing material

You can print material from the Law School Classifieds for your own use. However, printed material should not be given to people outside the Law School unless permission has been sought from and granted by the author(s) of the item(s).

Be sure to follow the policies and guidelines found in the U-M Proper Use Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact